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12/26/2011 - Have You Made Your 2012 Resolutions?

The year is here and gone, so what will you shoot for next year? Here are a few tips in making the best of the New Year and setting goals: 1. Create goals that develop a plan. Taking small steps will help you realize the big picture. Take all those small goals and formulate a plan that is complete with a timeline in which you will actually achieve your goals! 2. Write down you plan and set reminders. Writing down your plan makes it official and this will help you put the plan in action. Set reminders for yourself to re-visit your plan to make sure you are on track to achieving your goals. 3. Be ready for road blocks. We all know that when we set out to achieve our goals it seems all types of issues, problems and situations arise to prevent us from keeping on track and overall just not achieving our goals all together. You must remain flexible and possess the ability to think on your feet. This helps you adjust when life throws you those curve balls, you can catch them and keep things moving! 4. Make it a good one! Don't be so hard on yourself if things happen that slows progress. Just keep taking those baby steps until you finally make it. After all doing the best you can is better than doing nothing at all so make it the best.

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